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What Are Free Bets?

Free bets are bets offered by online gaming organisations to encourage you to either sign up or log on to their website. They can be either legit or completely fraudulent or basically anywhere in between but generally speaking it is the sort of thing a good gambler will chase and take advantage of. Usually it is more accurate to describe them as bonus bets because they are rarely “free bets.”

The only truly free bets would be something like “sign up and your first bet is free.” There would be of course a limit on the amount of your first bet, generally anywhere between $5 and $50 depending on the size and scope of the online bookie or casino or what games they offer. It seems silly for them to do this but when you consider how many people would sign up because of it and then how many of them lose their bet, it’s actually incredibly smart marketing.

More commonly you will get bonus bets that are things like matching your deposit dollar for dollar upon sign up, or in the case of sports betting, on the run exotic bonuses. These new types of bet are prevalent in countries where the legislation surrounding online betting and gambling has changed. The idea being to glamourise betting and make it seem more interesting and indeed to relate more closely to the sport. The subtle thoughtinside a punters head when TAB Sportsbet offers and on the run exotic such as “If Ben Barba scores the last try in the match we will refund all losing last try scorer bets” is “wow they are watching the same game as me, they’re just like me, I like that company that cater to me” and then they subtly become the company you associate with online gambling. It may not convert you on the spot but it sews a seed that they may reap when down the line you decide to actually put on an internet punt.

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